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Beijing Qianyuan Hotel is located in Dongzhimen Inner Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. It is adjacent to the famous food street 'Jiejie', Dongerhuan Workers Stadium, and Dongsi Commercial Street. The transportation is very convenient. About 17 kilometers from Beijing South Railway Station.

Beijing Qianyuan Hotel integrates guest rooms, catering, and conference facilities. It was reopened in 2014. This design was conceived and conceived by the internationally renowned interior design and art consultancy Hong Kong Wudou Meter Pavilion. Design Co., Ltd. conducts overall hotel lighting design. The style of the hotel is stylish and simple, with a unique design. The lobby is divided into one, three or two floors, and there are many guest rooms.
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  • sl1531703667
    The location is good, near the yummy, supper is easy, service very carefully
  • deng3s
    The location is convenient, stylish décor, service is pleasant, easy supper
  • donnle
    Environment is good and thoughtful front desk smart services gemei male
  • caijia
    Conveniently, just yummy for dinner is also very convenient, the room a sense of design, suitable for young people, there is no traditional hotel of traditional gas, cost-effective ultra-high
  • donddond
    Interior very good
  • love110126
    Set of bamboo type room to of arc type room not know takes anyway price as also matter room design sense pretty strong of but compared open next said spent sprinkled can repair about AH will hot and cold water temperature good difficult regulation addition spent sprinkled always moving Ah hand not took with fundamental can't wash say check out of when front desk only a waiter other of to dry well has not know somehow again to a Ah I front a do staying of to live 11 days nonsense specialInterlude in the middle of a the guests drank a bottle of Evian water to lose the price there is also a room card can not be used in short a very uncomfortable early on who aren't in a hurry, anyway other location is worth the money is not worth
  • fussa55
    Which is very nice
  • yll0229
    Hotel good staff less convenient
  • allenan
    Convenient, good location
  • imac630
    Hotel in very good location very good eating easy
  • d03271042
    Hotel is far away from Metro station, hotel around a lot, in the middle of the yummy, very convenient.
  • jianyao7788
    Which is very nice
  • Bellringer
    Business travel for the first time. next to the yummy. friend like food don't miss. lively in the evening to the morning. metro station is also close to several commercial centre by taxi is also more convenient place. is recommended.
  • MrYangbo
    The hotel regardless of location or price, very good! service, clean
  • antares588
    Good hotel service, environment or decorating personality, is very satisfactory.
  • ---End
    Which is very nice
  • cdlin143
    Good location, convenient, free yummy, good room facilities!
  • conan1170
    Hotel is very new.
  • selena225
    Nice hotel great, interior very good, location is super nice ... will be admitted in the future.
  • Betty li
    Location was good, also can stroll around the place more
  • dafeixiaoyu
    Position does not say, in a quiet, where convenient. all staff are polite, so inspiring. rooms clean and tidy, and hardware consistent with the grade of hotel. book your room when there is no free upgrade suite. doesn't drive, but heard that parking fees. in addition, the front desk good juice.
  • e00625252
    Higher cost.
  • jill19830555
    Everything was very good, but is this lady not very satisfied with the sound effects, almost 12 o'clock someone in the corridor in the noise
  • janny
    A very good environment, good service
  • mm33185
    Nice yummy pound easy
  • Braina
    All right
  • SunDannie
    Environment and service was very good, the hotel design also features
  • @ @ Distance
    Very nice ... check for longer, the process needs to be improved.
  • floratan
    Which is very nice.
    Nice, convenient, great service, good good
  • facingjoy626
    Hotel is good, at this price point is good, just feel the room design is not very good, bathroom size was a bright spot.
  • mcm901570
    Bed super comfortable, service was great, good location, convenient shopping for dinner
  • belainda
    Which is very nice
  • linfaxi
    Clean, good service attitude. room prepared location. distance from the subway station ... but eating convenient, Tao Heung village shop downstairs. can walk to the Lama Temple and the Imperial College.
  • ScarlettGao
    Very clean and comfortable. facilities, is the price a little expensive, but in Beijing, particularly in already deemed as appropriate between 11. environment and describes, from the dongzhimen close
  • ares-pf
    That's good
  • anping6816
    Hotel transportation is less convenient, very good facilities
  • swf45688
    Hotel room facilities good
  • letian
    Nice, convenient, design hotel is very beautiful, clean, warm service. convenient dining around. service is not in the first floor of the Hall is a point, went to the third floor, and guests are not very convenient.
  • berylyoung
    Is located in East straight door GUI street noise of a angle, location excellent. hotel facilities new, front desk with Apple computer. handle staying efficiency high. decoration Hou modern, simple quiet comfortable warm. room free from comfortable upgrade to luxury, senior apartments of feel, table, Super big bed, clothing Cap between are is collection mind. slippers super soft, wants to with home to. insufficient is prices not containing early, parking to since paid.
  • anywn2
    Staff very helpful
  • su27x
    Stayed four days quite satisfied-
  • dsgenius
    As always, good, long-term option!
  • oxidation
    Good location, in Guijie, dinner choice, where is also easier
  • man1023518653
    That's good
  • jmadele
    Hotel location is very good, nice, breakfast very good, the surrounding environment, the price is high.
  • luan81
    Just yummy, not to worry, newer hotel, services can, high prices
  • daweibar
    Health is very good, service was good
  • anderson02
    Free single Deluxe Suite, good service
  • m01124946
    Room of the unreasonable design of the sink, wash water will splash out a wall. first day of arrival, rooms not equipped with coffee spoons, glasses, is to call customer service before sending the next day to. hotel is a very nice, hope to provide guests with scales and hand towel.