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The CBD Qianyuan International Business Hotel (Beijing Qianyuan Guoji Shangwu Jiudian) is located in the city's Dongcheng District,  near one of Beijing's most popular food streets.Many guestrooms are equipped with LCD TVs,  central air-conditioning and high-speed internet access.Diners can enjoy dishes at the Chinese restaurant.Those with leisure time on their hands can pay a visit to the beauty salon or socialize at the café.[View Detail]    

住客评论 2222条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • gaobo1213
    High performance-price ratio
  • allfourone
    Hotel modern design, clean, breakfast very good, thoughtful service, dinner was presented with a Western-style food
  • ejun44
    Favorite friends are very good
  • llina
    Well, yummy meal is easy.
  • sunny_liyuan
    Hotel facilities very good, design style is avant-garde, personal feeling good
  • cattoy37
    Large room good service, convenient surroundings almost. dadidu services is uneven?
  • literate
    Hotel is yummy, walking very convenient, free suite upgrade for us, very good, not worth your breakfast wasn't good, you can go out to eat other. wood furniture and the bathroom is very big, not luxury but clean look. We booked two rooms, is across the room, but patterns are completely different.
  • gaoguojie
    My room is to help colleagues. it is said that good, they are very satisfied. key is special, excellent value! next time I go to Beijing, you can consider.
  • CelineYao
    Hotel of location not special near downtown, away from Metro station has hundreds of meters of distance, away from bus hub not far. metro station out also has many small restaurant, also has a 711. room big and clean, is modern of fresh and atmosphere of decoration style, lights layout have is good, is bright, outside see get Beijing of street, I is like. service also also is good.
  • dingding717
    Hotel is very new, overall it feels more stylish, much better than Crystal Orange!
  • victoryji
    Convenient location, very clean ... but a bit of a mess
  • id_liu
    Do have renovated the finish
  • doxpeter
    Start rooms air conditioning is bad. call the front desk. half an hour to come watch. that it is acceptable to change. waited half an hour to change. not only didn't give up ... changing room is smaller than the original. room curtains don't shade. Sun woke up six points. than poorer experiences ... not recommended.
  • naonao213
    Hotel very nice, love it. on the design is ultra modern and large, breakfast was delicious
  • baobao20111114
    10.1 zhiqian set of at price and now has changes, hotel personnel to upgrade has luxury between, is good of many details are is human, has wardrobe convenient put things, and also has password box, precious items travel not convenient carry of can lock in inside is good, next Beijing preferred also is dry Yuan, out is GUI Street eating without worry, away from Metro Line 2 line also is near travel also compared convenient! General for is good of select
  • carl_gu
    Was only set has 2 late, because fear bad; later think price is high, and more set has 2 late, altogether four late; room is satisfaction, design good and clean, was I husband insisted to live 4 star above of hotel of, later also is satisfaction of again live 2 late; a downstairs is buy hand letter of rice floral (really shop, non-counterfeit shop), away from South drums Xiang, Lama Temple is near, walk on 20 minutes; to other attractions, sat taxi on 20 block around; next to Beijing will continues to live;)
  • nan8235075
    Hotel Nice, nice, bamboo type deluxe room was very nice
  • e03121108
    Service is good!
  • fly2050
    Very nice hotel good value
  • andore
    Although this to Beijing is a super sad urged of travel, only happy of thing is staying of this hotel! Hotel location quite good, hotel on in GUI Street, eat of things very more, downstairs is a Daoxiang village, if if to relatives friends with gift can to see! from Hotel go probably not to a km is South drums Xiang has, recently in young people quite by welcomes of attractions. to Wangfujing, out do 106 also is convenient! hotel of of decoration is modern, thisCame to has floor Qian Shi some disappointed, in yihou has journey into amazing caves of feel, staying to in three floor handle, card to upstairs, safety compared high! staff attitude also very good, handle staying is fast of. set of bamboo type comfortable room, bathroom is big, wash pool has two a, is convenient, wash supplies prepared of is full! very good of hotel, next to also will again to live!
  • canbaobao9145
    Well, only mosquitoes at night, more annoying
  • einstein
    Deluxe room are still want to better facilities are new, the service was very helpful!
  • Amyjiang
    Overall love
  • anjun007
    Pretty good
  • cslee79
  • AdcoleJean
    A good environment, the terrain better, downstairs there is lots of food
  • andy3705
    That's good!
  • dongle0267
    To go to yummy, yummy Lucas lived here is very convenient. across the street as well as nail. eat smaller lobsters to stroll around Houhai, doing nails back. Houhai 15 Yuan by taxi, it's quite near. dried fruit dried fruit across the street was pretty good ... next time I go to it.
  • big bad
    Nice, the rooms are great, only bamboo type of comfort that is free upgrade to deluxe room, don't feel like
  • lywuye
    It wasn't too bad
  • ~ Pig ball ~
    It's not bad
  • miu0226
    Very good hotel, facilities are also in place. and in the heart of the yummy, eat very convenient!
  • judgeb
    All good, with the exception of the air ventilation in the room, always in the room had a strange smell, itchy throat feeling nausea. I hope your hotel could improve the smell in the room, next to a pleasant stay there again
  • e00797847
    New hotel next to the yummy, easy snack.
  • limou0
    Least like a five-star hotel where she lived, hardware, software, facilities are not so close to the yummy, very noisy. overall, two words lol.
  • eilam
    Second stay, convenient transportation and hotels here are yummy, will come later.
  • e00025200
    Hotels to upgrade the late, great.
  • wudi005582
    A very good environment, with modern, free upgrade to a suite at the front desk, very intimate, will stay again.
  • dong.y
    Breakfast was too expensive, to more than 100 more! eat gold?! Really not generally exaggerate! seriously hotels do not match!
  • maglumi
    Hotel design, atmosphere, around dinner
  • ManfredMong
    Very clean, service is good, praise.
  • e00026912
    II ring within, GUI Street, locations good, is parking eight block a hours, night a money two hours, at four o'clock in the afternoon more to, live a late parking fee 51 Yuan. style simple modern abstract, is like of, free upgrade luxury room, room is spacious, bathroom no legend so big, wash of things is full, also has bath salt and rubbing towel, loaded shampoo, of bottle is looks, bathroom is full transparent glass, has automatically curtain, free WiFi. children is like, run to run to, toFound a mass of people's hair on the carpet. overall is quite satisfactory, will also be considered.
    Cost low! price of your
  • awf007
    Very good hotel!
  • lemonicebing
    Hotel renew night continues to give up the room first night stay also offers dinner, this amazing marketing worth advocating. next time you continue to stay. 5 stars great compliment
  • Napalmli
    Which is very nice
  • e01114143
    Good good good-if you can free upgrade in a miss.
  • alesia
    Three decoration is very new and very clean with separate dressing room bathroom hardware brand in good shape to go out by taxi is convenient to eat yummy is all on the side of good.
  • ~ Pigs and wheat ~
    Decoration is very new, room was very clean, room was large, high cost performance, location, just near the yummy, was eating, Ah!