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Little theatre drama festival closing attract 15000 college students in the audience

Date: 2015-12-28

New net of Beijing on December 27 (reporter Du Yan) "fuck off! Tumor jun", "the selfless love", "gone before getting old" and so on 10 Beijing university student good plays in 40 days, in places such as tsinghua university, the people's liberation army opera house in performance, attracting about 15000 people entered the theater watch the performance.
Sponsored by the Beijing pku, the Beijing students federation "youth do not talk" - the second Beijing university student theater festival concluded in Beijing today, the vice secretary of pku hong-tao wang in Beijing, Beijing dramatist association secretary-general Yang Qianwu, the father of the little theatre drama Fu Weibo and many drama critic, drama producer to attend the closing ceremony.
The college theater festival in the intern's were selected songs lost my ancestors eighteen generations "deep" "care" gentleman "" fuck off! Tumor" that desperate love, "" gone before getting old" "beautiful clothes of graduates" the precious little one "had 5 - oops! Dad, 10 plays ten films in 40 days time in tsinghua university, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Beijing youth palace youth theatre and drama stars village, the grand view garden summer, Beijing xi theater, the people's liberation army opera house and other professional theatre performance, according to statistics, about 15000 people entered the theatre theater performances.
During the festival, in addition to the professional drama performance, also organize the Beijing drama club to carry out the drama club competing in various colleges and universities.Between the heart stage, from Beijing institute of technology, the central university for nationalities and other college students show their understanding of the drama and dream.
At the same time, to strengthen the technicality and representative of drama festival, festival also carried out during the youth BBS, invited experts, scholars, and college students' youth actor drama lovers around how little theatre festival the development direction of the college students and professional drama and college plays better with two topics for discussion.
The closing ceremony, Beijing university student theater festival by experts and students review the selected best actor Peng Zi girder charlene Chou, best actress, best screenplay Zhang Xinyue, Huang Yanzhuo best director and best play "gone before getting old".(after)