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Today 16 station of Beijing metro pilot slack 7 discount tickets

Date: 2015-12-28

New net of Beijing on December 28 (xinhua Du Yan) today, the Beijing subway batong line to gaobeidian dobashi stop line 11 stations and changping south shao station to zhanxiou village station 5 station, on a trial basis before working days (including) at 7:00 hold id card stops 7 discount tickets.
Today, the reporter understands from the Beijing subway operation co., LTD., in order to ensure the resources preferential and new line opened two work smoothly, at about 25 of this month, 22 to 26 AFC equipment guide cutting of whole network station in the morning for work, more than 3000 employees to participate in the pilot cutting parameters guide cutting, such as mobile device parameters update process work.
Why did you choose this 16 station at a discount?Related officials said, the two largest line 16 station in common morning rush is crowded.Implementation of slack ticket prices, the main purpose is to attract part of passenger peak travel, pilot can choose from the most need, is also the most began to "squeeze" the station.
, according to data of Beijing metro batong line morning rush and changping line trains full are above 120% and 140% respectively, and present a tendency of single direction toward the city center gathered passenger flow.
Data also showed that at present, most of the station stops during peak hours in 7 when 30 points to 7, 45, this paragraph of time also is the subway wire "" the most crowded 15 minutes.Chief said, if you choose too close to the time, don't shunt effect;If you choose to go on to the time period, attractive and will decline."After comprehensive consideration, the selected 7, hope that through the price factor, shunt in the past 7 and 7 45 passengers go out.
According to introducing, 7 discount is the Beijing subway after comprehensively to seal.Before slack ticket prices for transport sector by passenger questionnaire form, passenger travel time, distance and spend every day, when most people selected if 7 discount can be considered wrong peak travel.
Beijing subway, slack said fares after 7 fold, still can enjoy preferential policies.Each natural month, passenger bus using municipal transportation IC card spending with after amounting to 100 yuan, is beyond part will enjoy the 8 discount;After the full 150 yuan, is beyond part 5 discount.
In addition, the reporter understands, in view of the specific content of preferential policies, focusing on hot issues of unified combination of Beijing metro passengers issued "concessionary fares policy guide the slogan", the content covers the discount price, time, two categories, a total of 22 problem such as line, not only to ensure that all employees propaganda guide work accurately and specifications, and also in the ticket window, train brake machine, transfer channel and other key positions, post a warm prompt, efficient and convenient for passengers to travel.
Specialist in the Beijing subway is set on a regular basis to changping, shahe, shahe higher education park, zhanxiou village and west of the key station passenger flow changes were analyzed, and the timely adjustment of traffic control scheme and favorable measures for resources evaluation work to provide a reliable basis for the end of the effect.(after)