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ホテルのファックス (Beijing Qianyuan Hotel), ホテルは北京市東城区東直門内大街にあり、グルメ街の「簋街」に隣接しています。北京南駅から約17キロ離れています。

クチコミ 詳細
  • badending
    Hotel OK, last tenant's junk should be no treatment, only to discover later. book online say the drink is just a gimmick
  • ltgong
    Pretty good hotel, newly renovated, taste
  • DavidMING
    Modern hotel, comfortable living without the hotel's momentum
  • nanaly
    Hotel was very good, very modern design gives a fresh feeling, and will continue to stay next time.
  • bc_lybaa
    Basic satisfaction!
  • l223098
    Very satisfied, then take the kids will stay after and eat particularly well near shopping and convenient, can also take the children to the movies in the evening, really was particularly pleased with
  • elvals
    Hotel in two article Metro line of middle, regardless of to which Metro station are to go long. hotel front desk simple of only left a table, two a people in that do staying procedures. is not Shang luxury, up is facilities better of shortcut hotel. shop is mean, Beijing so dry of weather only sent two bottle 350ml of small bottle mineral water. wash supplies also is bad Lian Run sent milk are no, slippers estimated is again using of, slippers Shang has black of dirty things, and to see obtained is was stepped on had of,Feet that are dented. In conclusion it's worth the price.
  • francoisc
    Good location, felt safe, the service is also very good, the room was big
  • fleam
    TV is not on, not guidelines.
  • yaxiaopao
    Other Duman. stations that didn't stop at the front desk on the first floor, guests indifferent. There is a newly renovated large. overall satisfaction
  • e00136867
    Nice, clean, hotel is very new. but the price is not cheap.
  • Colbert
    Good very good
  • Andy0769
    Large room, bathtub is large, Soundproofed well, basic satisfaction. dongzhimen subway station in walking distance, you can take a bus stop.
  • lxg638
    Yummy on the edge of eating easy
  • gaoxing2000
    Very good hotel, very close to the yummy. room decoration was fashion, toiletries.
  • baobao20111114
    10.1 zhiqian set of at price and now has changes, hotel personnel to upgrade has luxury between, is good of many details are is human, has wardrobe convenient put things, and also has password box, precious items travel not convenient carry of can lock in inside is good, next Beijing preferred also is dry Yuan, out is GUI Street eating without worry, away from Metro Line 2 line also is near travel also compared convenient! General for is good of select
    Stylish decoration, newly renovated with taste, downstairs is the lobster Head Office
  • DaiSy.
    It's not bad
  • mcmadruga
    Nice, new renovated hotel nice
  • CelineYao
    Hotel of location not special near downtown, away from Metro station has hundreds of meters of distance, away from bus hub not far. metro station out also has many small restaurant, also has a 711. room big and clean, is modern of fresh and atmosphere of decoration style, lights layout have is good, is bright, outside see get Beijing of street, I is like. service also also is good.
  • adele
    The conditions are good
  • Alexlxd
    Environment is really quite good
  • e00239993
    The third floor lobby, very nice feel-
  • e00015381
    Generation reservation
  • e00141772
    Very satisfied
  • libenyan
    Room was good, second ring in Beijing is great, is the need to extend it for one day, give the original price ...
  • e01320105
    Really special so special, the next must come again
  • Necoo
    Compared to the other five star best value
  • carryasdf
    Very good-
  • doglovepig
    All right
  • ai Nature
    Nice hotel good service, polite Hotel convenient transportation around the food court, a very good hotel,
  • sam0594
    Hotel is in close proximity.
  • arai_wyang
    Beijing luxury hotel, the room was very clean, staff also remained.
  • benlee_ln
    Good hotel well decorated very new service is satisfied with everything in good location next will also consider staying at
  • pumaolo
    The room facilities are good, great front desk service, is the check in and check out some of the slowest, the rest is good
  • teiteityan
    Good eats around the great very convenient next to rice and flowers you can buy pastries, very pleasant stay
  • ben20011119
    Many times staying at the, very satisfied. issuing membership cards will be better if hotel and Member travel
  • aa6606
    Is the room drains a little taste
  • cornmeng
    For three days, the hardware can. but encountered roads outside, was a painful experience, the old man can't sleep at night was loud, if not three days in advance, fled early. three days down and exhausted.
    Very new hotel, bathroom is very spacious and light design well
  • x547255592
    All I can say is really too general health, bedside tables with gray, sticky with unidentified objects stuck on it above! this is really hard to say what is the five-star, but good location, you have no idea!
  • bandpass
    Originally scheduled of hotel Xia aircraft Hou was told no room, temporary found has this---really of is too lucky has! hotel should is new opened soon, new of facilities and clean of room! due to time reasons no eat breakfast, cannot evaluation----junction another side is Beijing famous of GUI Street, night dinner select more; hotel on in East straight door Metro station to West go 400 meters around's, price super high!
  • coffee79321
    All right.
  • coy2005
    Good living environment surrounding food Street
  • e02099304
    Hotel location is very good, more convenient, more particularly around food.
  • e01761109
    A very good environment and convenient
  • agnesji
    Very soft beds. facilities good. the decoration is beautiful ... recommended!
  • t-cat
    Bad bad bad! Poor through has! and price fundamental not same grade! set of arc type room? 780 to of room is bamboo type room repeatedly questioned had said this is said to upgrade of luxury between (has two a wash pool)? repeatedly confirmed not only no two a, and also is small, put things are by limited! shop party and said Oh wrong has luxury between is you such of!? I was speechless! evaluation rooms say a toilet, a person in my small living room bathroom only a narrow space between Two people will have to line up with?! Shower doors and bathroom door because the space is too narrow to be open at the same time! Even the basic toiletries are few, no lotions? $ 780-a-night business hotel, infrastructure at all! this is a rip-off! Rain drain blocked TALK BIG, but also themselves serve as waiter wipe to wipe out half an hour, or who'll direct penetration in the carpet ... More write more angry, well as the noise out of the windowJunk and so on than the Han court as such all in all this hotel is terrible bad review of bad reviews!
  • lmlsyxy
    Newly renovated hotel was good, is on the management needs to be improved.
  • Jacar
    Which is very nice